A new IT platform is a crucial step in our journey to becoming a strong, independent financial institution

Head of IT, Troels Aagaard talks about Trusted Novus Bank's new IT infrastructure and how it will affect clients and employees.

Our  IT team has been working tirelessly for over a year to build a new IT infrastructure (hardware systems, software, networks, and telephone systems) for the bank. As a result of this huge effort and dedication we are very pleased and proud to announce that the brand new IT platform has been very successfully launched.

This means that we have new computers, a new mail system, new document management system and new telephone system. In fact, everything except our core banking system has been changed into a brand new, state of the art IT platform.

The new IT platform is a cornerstone in our efforts to modernise our processes and the way in which we communicate with our clients. The new technology will assist us in ensuring that we can improve our communication with our clients and provide a more efficient, effective, and timely service. We are certain that our clients will very quickly enjoy the benefits of all the changes we have made.

The new IT platform is a crucial step in our journey into becoming a strong, independent financial institution, and will also enable us to continue to maintain, and indeed improve upon, our awesome out of the ordinary service which we provide to our clients in Gibraltar and around the world.