Visa Card - General Information

Minimum Credit Balance

All cardholders are required to maintain a Minimum Credit Balance of the spending limit allocated to the card, i.e. if you have been allocated a spending limit of GBP 1,000, you will be required to maintain a Minimum Credit Balance in your bank account of GBP 1,000

Similarly, where there is more than one cardholder utilising the one Debiting Account to settle Visa transactions, then twice the aggregate of the spending limits allocated will need to be maintained always. Should the balance on your account(s) fall below the Minimum Credit Balance, we reserve the right to block the card and your account(s) and decline any and all authorisations for payments to be made on any cards utilising your account. If your cards have to be blocked, all costs incurred by us will be debited to your account.

The Minimum Credit Balance must be maintained for a period of seven (calendar) days after our receipt of all the cards linked to your Debiting Account(s) should you no longer require the use of your Visa Cards, also, in the event that you should decide to close all your accounts held with us. In addition, you must inform the Bank on any ‘regular’ or standing payments drawn against the cancelled card. It is the cardholder responsibility to terminate these contract(s) with merchants linked to a ‘pending for closure’ card.

Currency Conversion

All transactions will be converted to the Billing Currency of the card according to an exchange rate set by Visa International. Should a transaction be made outside the country of the Billing Currency of the card and you use an account to settle your Visa Transactions in a currency other than that of the Billing Currency of the card, you will find that Currency Conversion is effected twice on a single transaction.

Avoid Surcharges of your Transactions
With your versatile Trusted Novus Bank Visa Card, you can avoid currency surcharges by selecting your card’s Billing Currency to match that of your account and your own personal Base Currency. This can effectively eliminate all currency surcharges; see the example below for details.

If you make a transaction in the USA and hold a US Dollar account with us, providing that you use a US Dollar denominated Visa Card, the transaction will not be susceptible to Currency Conversions. In short, the transaction remains exactly the same from purchase to posting.


It is advisable to always check your statement, at least on a monthly basis, in order to determine any transaction that you may wish to dispute. Should you encounter any transaction that you may wish to dispute, kindly follow the guidelines below to ensure a prompt resolution of the issue.

Attempt to settle the dispute by contacting the retailer directly in writing or by fax and retain documentary details of such exchanges. Write to us within a period of one month of the transaction date detailing the nature of the dispute together with the following:

  • Card number
  • Transaction date
  • Transaction currency amount
  • Name and location of retailer (as it appears on your statement)
  • All exchanges of documentation between yourself and the retailer
  • Result of direct communication with the retailer

Visa International allows 120 days from the transaction date to file claims. Any dispute received after this time may only be processed and accepted subject to consideration and goodwill from all parties concerned. Disputed transactions will be reimbursed to your account within 10 working days upon receipt of your claim. Should the outcome of the investigation conducted by Visa International, result in favour of the merchant, Trusted Novus Bank Limited reserves the right to debit your account accordingly and any documentation received will be made available to you.

An attempt should always be made directly to the retailer where feasible, particularly in the event of mail orders, internet or telephone transactions.

Card Operational Guide

How does my monthly spending limit work?
The Chip makes no difference to the way in which your spending limit works. Your monthly spending limit is stated on the mailer that you received with your Visa card. You will have the full amount available to you for purchases on the first day of the month.
Although limits are applied by default or during application, you may contact us at any time to request an amendment to either your monthly purchases limit or your cash limit.

How will I make my transactions?
Your card has a microchip embedded on it which is PIN protected. You will be asked to enter your 4 digit PIN code on a PIN PAD to verify your transaction at point of sale (POS). There is no need for signature unless the merchant has requested manual transaction as a form of 'fallback' in the event that terminal is experiencing technical issues.

Regardless of how you make your transaction you must never tell anyone your PIN or ask someone else to enter it for you.

Chip & PIN principles
Most secure devices will have a cover over the number pad. If one is not available, enter your number discreetly or indeed use your other hand to shield your PIN entry. Please memorise your PIN code.

Where possible, when replacing cards, the number on the face of the card will remain the same. You must still observe good practices by keeping copies of receipts and always check the amount and currency of all your transactions before signing or entering your PIN.

PIN Operational Guide

What should I do if I can’t remember my PIN?
Please sign on to the Cards Web Portal, where your PIN is visible. 

What happens if my PIN gets blocked on my card?
You can do one of the following:

Fix it yourself:
- Sign on to an ATM using your blocked PIN
- Select PIN Services
- Select Unlock PIN
- A message will display indicating that the process has completed successfully

Ask us to do it for you:
Contact us and we will unlock your PIN. The next time you make a Chip transaction, it may state that the PIN is blocked. Immediately after, you attempt the transaction again, it will now ask you to enter your PIN and unlock for future use. 

Contactless Payments

What is a contactless payment?
It is a low-value payment up to £100.00, or equivalent in any other currency, made via NFC (Near Field Communication).

What are the benefits and advantages of contactless payments?
They are completed in seconds, making a payment faster, more convenient and still secure. Not only does it speed things up but it will also break your cash dependency.

How do I make a contactless payment?
All you need to do is confirm amount is correct and hold your Trusted Novus Bank Visa card up to the contactless terminal. There is no need to insert your Visa card unless asked to do so. When your card is within a few centimetres of the terminal, you will hear a ’beep’ to indicate the payment is complete.

Is it possible for two contactless cards to be read at the same time?
The answer is ’No’.
One of the contactless features is to allow just the one payment to go through. The payment will either be cancelled or you will be given the option to choose which card you would like to pay with.

Is a contactless payment transaction secure?
The security found in a Visa Chip and PIN is equivalent to that of a Contactless card. For security purposes, you may be asked to enter your PIN from time to time as proof you are still in possession of the card.

Fraudulent or Misuse of your Visa Card

Trusted Novus Bank Limited reserves the right to block and/or cancel your visa card without prior notice, in the event of one or several of the below scenarios:

  1. Suspicion that the Bank’s services are being used for criminal activities.
  2. Missing or irregular data with respect to cardholder’s account or personal information or non-compliance for request for update of such information
  3. Suspicion of visa card used by another person other than the named cardholder.
  4. Suspicion of a cloned card or a sudden change in spending pattern, velocity or irregular transaction/s detected by our fraud filters.
  5. Upon notification received by Trusted Novus Bank from our partners Visa Inc. of a possible or confirmed Network intrusion at an E-Commerce Merchant, placing the visa card at risk of fraud*. In order to prevent any possible misuse of this Card, we will replace it with new Card details and PIN.

*The card is in a Compromised status. The card account holder will express in writing if they wish to keep the Compromised card active (in the interim period of the receipt of the new card) and will bear in full, any potential financial loss occurring after the notification.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our help desk by phone or email:

Tel No: +350 200 23000

Opening hours:

08:00 – 23:59 Monday through Friday
13:30 – 21:30 Saturdays and Sundays

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