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Visa Secure

Enhanced 3D security in online shopping

What is Visa Secure?

Visa Secure (formerly known as 'Verified by Visa') is a service provided by Visa offering an additional layer of security when performing online purchases with your card.

This protocol is developed with the utmost security features whilst remaining easy and user friendly for the cardholder. Trusted Novus Bank has enhanced this service and when shopping online you will no longer be required to enter a password as most of the transactions will be automatically authorised after being analysed by our fraud risk filters. However, some high-risk transactions will still require extra authentication and will require you to enter a One-Time Passcode (OTP). During your online purchase, this OTP will be sent to your mobile number. 

To avoid any delays in completing your online transaction, it is essential that we keep your contact details up to date to allow the delivery of the OTP.  If whilst shopping online with a participating merchant offering Visa Secure, your contact details are not up to date in our system, your OTP will not be delivered and you will not be able to complete the transaction.

One Time Passcodes- How do they work?

Your OTP acts as the key to your card account, helping to stop anyone but you, authorising transactions on your card purchases.

We will send you an OTP to the mobile number registered to your account and to complete the final step of your online purchase you will insert this unique OTP. We will know then that you will have given your consent and approval.

Before you complete your transaction, please always review the full OTP message by checking the merchant’s name and the amount about to be charged to your card.

What to do if you receive an unexpected OTP

If you receive an unexpected or multiple one-time passcode/s on your mobile device, it could more than likely be fraud. Please do not action, validate or share this OTP with anyone, neither online, in person nor over the phone. Contact us immediately on our helpdesk on +350 20023000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively, you may also block your card by logging into your Trusted Novus Bank Cards App or through our website Cards Web Portal

Help with registration or purchases

You can always contact your Relationship Manager (RM), if you have questions concerning your Visa card or if you want to increase your monthly limit.

For assistance of any kind, you are also very welcome to contact the Trusted Novus Bank Card Services Help Desk or your RM. Passwords are required for both telephone and email enquiries.

Card Service Help Desk

Our Card Services Help Desk will be available on extended hours as follows:

Monday to Friday 08:00 – 20:00
Saturday & Sunday 09:00 17:00
All hours CET

You may contact us on +350 200 23000 or indeed via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note that you may also receive calls from us in order to verify transactions or indeed to assist you with any issues you might be experiencing. Please note that if contacted by the bank, we will assist you without requesting your full card number, account number or PIN from you. You must never divulge these details to an unauthorised source. Nevertheless, upon contact, the operator will ask some security questions in order to establish that the call is being held with the genuine cardholder.

Our Card Services Help Desk is closed on the following days: 1st January; 25th December; 26th December; 31st December.

On 24th December our Help Desk is available until 15:00 hrs.

If your card is lost or stolen

There  are two ways you can block your card.

  1. Access your TNB Card web portal. Go to "Cards" and select "Block Card"
  2. Call Visa International on the telephone numbers below

When you call Visa International to block your card, it is important that you state the full and correct Visa card number. Please note that it is the responsibility of the cardholder that Visa International is contacted immediately after the card is lost or stolen. Keep your card number in a safe, yet accessible place.

Useful telephone numbers:

Denmark: 80 01 85 88
Germany: 0800 8149100
Spain: 900 99 1124
Sweden: 020 793 146
UK: 0800 89 5082
USA: 800 847 2911

For a country not listed, call the USA collect + 1 410 581 9994.

Important to remember

  • Always keep your card in a safe place.
  • Only you should know your PIN.
  • Use your PIN discreetly.
  • Use your PIN often, so it is easier to remember.
  • Make sure to check accounts/statements periodically. 

We trust that you will now enjoy the security of shopping online with confidence.