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Our values and culture

Our values based conduct reflects our company culture and our organisation, and is the link between our Bank's Vision, Mission and our employees goals.

“My lead, trust & intuition makes room for humanity and makes great results”.

Christian Bjørløw - CEO


We are open and honest with our business activities and encourage a feedback culture. 

Manage expectations through our regular communication and provide timely, clear and concise communication. 


We have the ability to quickly react to change. We are mindful of our long-term relations, committed in our approach and continuously work on building our resilience. 



We trust each other and have a sense of belonging. We strive to maintain a positive, fun and optimistic environment as we work towards our common goals.

We are one team as we share common values and we live them. 


We empower our employees to encourage motivation and build retention. We challenge the norm to achieve greater success and develop long term relationships with all of our stakeholders. 



We accomodate and provide a personalised service for our clients individual needs. We challenge the norm as we don't believe one size fits all. 



We listen, we care, we communicate and lead by example, as we are an organisation that values inclusivity and diversity. 

We apply respect and interest to ensure the quality of our service offered. 


We are an engaged workforce, determined and persevering. We aim to exceed expectations as we believe in what we do and support each other to help reach our goals.

Our mission and vision


What will we become?

Our vision is to make banking an enjoyable and out of the ordinary experience.


Why do we exist?

To be The Bank of Choice in Gibraltar for our employees, our customers, our shareholders and the local community.

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