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How to send and receive payments

Explore how to send and receive payments, both online and in-branch. This page covers everything you need to know about managing your transactions effectively.

Sending payments

When sending payments you have several options, please see them below:

British pound sterling (GBP) & Euro (EUR)
  • Payments and transfers to a TNB account instructed via Netbank. Free of charge.
  • Payments instructed via Netbank. Payment fees apply. Please refer to our Payment Fees.
  • Payments manually processed. Payment fees apply. Please refer to our Payment Fees schedule. To instruct a manual payment, please complete our Payments Template Form found under ‘Useful Information’.

All payments sent to a beneficiary account within the European Economic Area must be sent as ‘shared’.

    All other currencies

    Payments to another TNB account
    Please use the recipients’ TNB IBAN, which contains the letters TNOV to send funds from
    your account to another TNB account.

    Payments to non TNB accounts
    When sending a payment to non TNB accounts, please enter the recipients’ address in the
    SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE BANK field found at the bottom of the payment screen.
    Please note that your payments will incur plus 1 day’s value.

    Receiving payments 

    When you wish to receive funds into your account, please follow the instructions below:

    British pound sterling (GBP)

    TNB UK SORT CODE: 40-51-78

    Account name (full account name/s – avoid using abbreviations or initials)

    Account number (8 characters UK format)

    If your TNB account number is e.g. 1234567 0001 GBP then the UK format of this is 12345671

    Outside the UK/Gibraltar


    Account name (full account name/s – avoid using abbreviations or initials)

    Account IBAN – this can be found on your Bank statement

    Euro (EUR)

    SWIFT/BIC code: TNOVGIGI – Bank Name: Trusted Novus Bank

    Account name (full account name/s – avoid using abbreviations or initials)

    Account IBAN – this can be found on your Bank statement

    All other currencies

    Payments from non TNB accounts
    Please provide the following details to the sender of your payment:
    Account Name (Your existing account name)
    IBAN – Your Currency Cloud IBAN number which the Bank will provide
    Bank Name – The Currency Cloud Limited
    Bank Address – 12 Steward Street. The Steward Building, London, E1 6FQ, GB

    The Currency Cloud Ltd, owned by Visa, is a payment and FX solutions provider. In the UK, they
    are regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution.

    Payments from another TNB account
    Please provide your current TNB IBAN, which contains the letters TNOV to the sender of
    your payment

    Useful information

    Payment Fees

    For more information on the fees associated with our payments please see our prices and interest rate page.

    Cut off time

    GBP, EUR and DKK – Same day value – Cut-Off time 2pm C.E.T

    All other currencies – Value date plus 1 day – Cut-Off time 2pm C.E.T.

    Payment instructions received after 2pm C.E.T will be processed the following working day.

    Correspondent Bank Charges

    Payments are routed around the world by different banks, and more than one bank may be involved from start to finish for a particular transaction. Each bank can apply charges for the services they provide. These charges, often deducted from the original amount before reaching TN Bank, are beyond our control or visibility.

    If an IBAN/ BIC is not provided, it may result in additional fees being charged by other banks, or even the instruction being rejected by them.

    Our correspondent bank charges EUR 15 for outgoing payments in EUR to those countries NOT listed as ‘Preferred Countries’ below. This means the recipient may receive EUR 15 less than the original amount sent. Please consider this charge when submitting payments if you wish for the beneficiary to receive a specific amount.

    Preferred Countries: Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania, France, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, the UK, and Gibraltar.

    Manual Payments

    To request a manual payment please click the button below to download an application form: