Netbank Help

To log on to the system, you must use your user ID, key card and password.

How to login

To log on to Netbank, you only need to make three entries:
1) your user ID;
2) your personal and secret password; and
3) a numeric one-off security code.

You find your one-off security codes on the ‘key card’ that we will send to you. You will automatically receive a new key card well before the codes on your old card have been used up. The combination of your permanent, secret password, your one-off codes and the fact that you
need not install any software on your computer to use the Netbank makes Netbank a very secure system.

PLEASE NOTE: The first time you log on to the system, you will be asked to enter a new password of your own choice - it must consist of six to eight characters and contain both letters and figures.

Will my browser work?

Netbank is supported by:

PC Minimum version recommended
Internet Explorer 8.0
Mozilla Firefox 6.0
Safari 5.1
Google Chrome 19


Mac Minimum version recommended
Mozilla Firefox 3.6
Safari 5.1


The Netbank will open in a new window and therefore you must enable pop-ups.

Any questions relating to Netbank? 

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