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Trusted Novus Bank opened its doors in 2020. However, our history goes back to 1855 when the Bank was founded as A.L. Galliano Bankers Ltd. by Antonio Luis Galliano, a Genoese immigrant who made Gibraltar his home. This makes Trusted Novus Bank the oldest established bank in Gibraltar.

Throughout this long history, the Bank experienced the good, and the bad times, whilst trading as Galliano Bank. We were a local Gibraltar bank until we were purchased in 1987 by Jyske Bank. With its headquarters in Denmark, the Jyske Bank group brought a more international perspective to banking, introducing a private banking service to clients, whilst retaining a presence in the local market. The Bank traded as Jyske Bank (Gibraltar) Ltd.

In 2019, the Jyske Bank group took the strategic decision to focus its business in the domestic banking market in Denmark. Later that year, Jyske Bank (Gibraltar) Ltd was sold to Rooke Investments Ltd, a Gibraltar based investment company.

We now trade under the name Trusted Novus Bank. The word Trusted refers to the over 165 years of history our Bank has maintained in Gibraltar. Throughout this time clients have trusted their financial affairs to us and can continue to trust us as they have done in the past. The word Novus originates from Latin and means to be new, fresh, revived and extraordinary. This reflects our new beginnings under a new ownership and fits in with our concept of offering a banking service that is out of the ordinary.