• Do you need a mortgage?

    We can provide you with a mortgage to purchase property or to release equity against your existing property.

  • Buy-to-Let

    With a high demand for Buy-to-Let properties, Trusted Novus Bank  recently developed a new product concept to support and facilitate the residential rental market.

  • Annual Report  2020

    A Solid Bank

    Transparency is deeply engraved in our values and for this we have published our Annual Report for 2020.

  • Flex Savings

    Investing and saving in one solution.Would you like to put your money aside to save up for, e.g., your retirement, a boat or a home?

  • Welcome to Trusted Novus Bank!
    A Bank that’s Out of the Ordinary

    We are a Gibraltar based bank that works to make your banking experience easy, personal and “Out of the Ordinary”.


18 January 2022

Have you recently received a text message which may look like it’s from Trusted Novus Bank?   If the answer is yes, please DO NOT click on the link – This is a scam.   Trusted Novus Bank would...

17 January 2022

We are having issues with payments, both incoming and outgoing in USD. At present we are unable to receive and send payments due to our current USD correspondent bank and partners. We are urgently...

12 January 2022

Further to our last communication on the 10th of January 2022, we understand that some clients continue to experience issues using our new IBANs for inbound payments.

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