• Do you need a mortgage?

    We can provide you with a mortgage (up to 85% LTV) to purchase property or to release equity against your existing property.

  • Welcome to Trusted Novus Bank!
    A Bank that’s out of the ordinary

    We are a Gibraltar based bank that works to make your banking experience easy, personal and out of the ordinary.

  • Annual Report 2021

    Transparency is deeply engraved in our values. We have now published our Annual Report for 2021.

  • Buy-to-Let

    With a high demand for Buy-to-Let properties, Trusted Novus Bank  recently developed a new product concept to support and facilitate the residential rental market.

  • Flex Savings

    Investing and saving in one solution.Would you like to put your money aside to save up for, e.g., your retirement, a boat or a home?



2021 underlying profit before tax



Customers served



Capital ratio

Loan Book Growth


Increase in year up to £266m