Trusted Novus Bank Private Banking offers a professional and personal service but with service entry levels lower than you would expect

At Trusted Novus Bank our Private Banking team can provide you with a dedicated Relationship Manager who manages your overall banking needs, ensures that you benefit from exclusive products and services, and will cater for your investments and wealth planning.

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Products and Services

Lombard Loans

In the right circumstances, borrowing against the value of your liquid assets can offer a fast, flexible solution to meeting your cash flow needs. Borrowing against liquid assets offers you access to finance without having to sell your investments in order to get access to cash. 

Lombard facilities can offer you a cash management solution without having to amend your long-term investment strategy. 

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We offer you a choice of investment services and solutions relevant to your business, investments and lifestyle.

The different types of investment services we offer are Managed Investment Solutions, Advisory Service and an Execution-only service. It is important to understand the differences between these so that you can select the option best-suited to your needs.

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We can provide you with a mortgage to purchase your own home, a home for your dependants, or to release equity against your existing property. An equity release can be used for home improvement, the purchase of other assets and for personal use as approved by the Bank.

Our mortgage solutions are available on a maximum LTV of 80%, with competitive and personalised interest rates.


With Netbank you get an overview of your finances, no matter where you are. At home or on holiday, on your PC or your Mac. Flexibility and freedom – without compromising security.

With our Netbank you get:

  • Local helpdesk and support
  • Secure and easy to use solution
  • Foreign exchange (FX) securely in one place

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You can have your card issued in following currencies: GBP, EUR and USD. You can also take advantage of the possibility of increasing your spending limit within minutes with just a phonecall.

With our Cards you get:

  • Local helpdesk and support.
  • The ability to make quick and secure contactless payments

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  • Current accounts to help you manage your cash flow. Available in GBP and all major currencies.
  • Deposits – multi currency with varying term options. You can choose between a variable-rate and a fixed-rate account.