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Senior Management

Image of Christian Bjørløw

Christian Bjørløw


Image of John O´Hara

John O´Hara

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Image of Christian Garcia

Christian Garcia

Chief Risk Officer (CRO)


Image of Albert De Las Heras

Albert De Las Heras

Manager, Personal and Corporate Banking

Image of Kim Juul Knudsen

Kim Juul Knudsen

Business Systems and Facility Management

Image of Yvette McElwee

Yvette McElwee

Manager, Human Resources

Image of Anthony Perez

Anthony Perez

Company Secretary

Image of Lee Buhagiar

Lee Buhagiar

Manager, Data & Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Image of Lars Benfeldt Hansen

Lars Benfeldt Hansen

Manager, Investment and Treasury

Image of Lars Dessau

Lars Dessau

Manager, Private Banking and Investment Department

Image of Troels Aagaard

Troels Aagaard

Manager, IT


Image of Gerard Fabre

Gerard Fabre

Mortgage Planner

Image of Giovanni Romero

Giovanni Romero

Staff Relationship Manager

Image of Morten S. Jensen

Morten S. Jensen

Head of Mortgages

Image of Vanessa Caulfield

Vanessa Caulfield

Mortgage Planner

Image of Melissa Riggs

Melissa Riggs

Mortgage Planner

Corporate Banking

Image of Bjarne Low

Bjarne Low

Senior Corporate Relationship Manager

Image of Kasper Thy Jessen

Kasper Thy Jessen

Head of Corporate Banking

Image of Kelly Anne Baker

Kelly Anne Baker

Account Manager

Image of Kyle Gauci

Kyle Gauci

Account Manager

Image of Michael Borge

Michael Borge

Senior Corporate Relationship Manager

Image of Natalie Massetti

Natalie Massetti

Corporate Relationship Manager

Image of James Garcia

James Garcia

Account Manager

Image of Phil Whittle

Phil Whittle

Corporate Relationship Manager

Image of Kaan Korhaliller

Kaan Korhaliller

Corporate Relationship Manager

Personal Banking

Image of Stacey Canepa

Stacey Canepa

Account Manager

Image of Stacy Federico

Stacy Federico

Account Manager

Image of Anna McCarthy

Anna McCarthy

Relationship Manager

Image of Christine Bassadone

Christine Bassadone

Head of Personal Banking

Image of Mark Alcantara

Mark Alcantara

Senior Relationship Manager

Personal & Corporate Banking - Customer Experience

Image of Silvia Salado

Silvia Salado

Specialist, Customer Experience

Private Banking

Image of Clint Williamson

Clint Williamson

Senior Investment Adviser

Image of Joe Cano

Joe Cano

Senior Relationship Manager

Image of Conchi Bula

Conchi Bula

Senior Relationship Manager

Image of Giovanna Ghio-Wright

Giovanna Ghio-Wright

Senior Relationship Manager

Image of Jamielee Randall

Jamielee Randall

Account Manager

Image of Lise Flyxe

Lise Flyxe

Senior Relationship Manager

Image of Alex Gonzalez

Alex Gonzalez

Account Manager

Image of Louise Wood

Louise Wood

Account Manager

Banking Hall

Image of Craig S. Byrne

Craig S. Byrne

Head of Banking Hall

Image of Maria Santana

Maria Santana

Customer Service Assistant

Image of Ana Maria Perez Martin

Ana Maria Perez Martin

Customer Service Assistant

Image of Carmen Ruiz Ocaña

Carmen Ruiz Ocaña

Customer Service Assistant

Image of Claire Treacy

Claire Treacy

Customer Service Assistant

Investments and Treasury

Image of Adrian Perera

Adrian Perera

Senior Investment Adviser

Image of Elaine Chipolina

Elaine Chipolina

Account Manager

Credit Department

Image of Brandon Prescott

Brandon Prescott

Senior Credit Administrator

John Armstrong

Senior Credit Administrator

Image of Lucy Taylor

Lucy Taylor

Head of Credit

Image of Daniella Dudley

Daniella Dudley

Credit Administrator

Andrew Horsey

Senior Credit Administrator

Natalia Russo

Credit Administrator

Lorraine Lafferty

Credit Administrator

Business Concepts

Image of Helen Lengui

Helen Lengui

Marketing and Event Manager

Image of Keiran Yome

Keiran Yome

Head of Business Concepts

Image of Matthew Martinez

Matthew Martinez

Product Developer

Image of Vineeta Parwani

Vineeta Parwani

Communications Consultant Business Concepts

Image of Lone Aagaard Østerbøg

Lone Aagaard Østerbøg

Communications Consultant Business Concepts

Transaction Management

Image of Adrian Orciel

Adrian Orciel

Transactions Administrator

Image of Amy Moreno

Amy Moreno

Transaction Administrator

Image of Brian Busto

Brian Busto

Transaction Specialist, Payments

Image of Catherine Costa

Catherine Costa

Transactions Specialist, Cards

Image of Charin Gonzalez

Charin Gonzalez

Transaction Administrator

Image of Katrina Moya

Katrina Moya

Transaction Administrator

Image of Luke Henshaw

Luke Henshaw

Transaction Administrator

Image of Nicola Fierro

Nicola Fierro

Senior Transactions Administrator

Image of Rachael Smith

Rachael Smith

Transactions Specialist, Settlements

Image of Adela Gomez Haw

Adela Gomez Haw

Transaction Administrator

Image of Ann Marie Moyes

Ann Marie Moyes

Head of Transaction Management

Image of Patrick McElwee

Patrick McElwee

Transaction Administrator

Concepts and Operations Management

Image of Kelly Cunningham

Kelly Cunningham

Project Coordinator Lead

Financial Management

Image of Alex Grech

Alex Grech

Senior Financial Assistant

Image of Denise Borrell

Denise Borrell

Financial Assistant

Image of Sandra Fa

Sandra Fa

Financial Assistant

Image of Gianna Falero

Gianna Falero

FP&A Analyst

Samantha Pardo

Financial Analyst

Data Management

Image of Denise De Los Santos

Denise De Los Santos

Senior Data Administrator

Image of Maite Bishop

Maite Bishop

Senior Data Administrator

Image of Maite Santos

Maite Santos

Data Administrator

Image of Stuart Alvarez

Stuart Alvarez

Data Specialist

Image of Caroline Fernandez

Caroline Fernandez

Head of Data Management

Image of Claire Romero

Claire Romero

Regulatory Reporting Officer

Image of Cristina Ruiz Bernal

Cristina Ruiz Bernal

Data Administrator

Image of Matthew Borg

Matthew Borg

Data Management Analyst

Compliance and Legal

Image of Bianca Beiso

Bianca Beiso

Compliance Officer

Image of Joanne Beiso

Joanne Beiso

Head of Compliance & Legal


Image of Jeanette Jensen

Jeanette Jensen

IT Coordinator

Image of Dylan Page

Dylan Page

Senior IT Developer

Image of Declan Barratt

Declan Barratt

Junior IT Developer

Image of James Linares

James Linares

Senior IT Developer

Image of Jonathan Pennell

Jonathan Pennell

IT Developer

Image of Ronan Dowling

Ronan Dowling

IT Developer


Image of Stephanie Corbacho

Stephanie Corbacho

HR Practitioner

Image of Alexandra Buhagiar

Alexandra Buhagiar

HR Assistant

Image of Michael Cid de la Paz

Michael Cid de la Paz

HR Assistant

Financial Crime & Security

Image of Ivan Olivera

Ivan Olivera

Head of Financial Crime & Security (MLRO)

Image of Francis Smith

Francis Smith

Financial Crime & Security Officer

Risk Management

Image of Carol Bell

Carol Bell

Risk Manager

Business Systems

Image of Marta Hertmanowska

Marta Hertmanowska

Business Analyst

Image of Matthew Schembri

Matthew Schembri

Junior Business Analyst

Facility Management

Image of Bill Bishop

Bill Bishop

Assistant, Facility Management