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About us

The word Trusted refers to the over 165 years of history our Bank has maintained in Gibraltar.

Throughout this time clients have trusted their financial affairs to us and can continue to trust us as they have done in the past. The word Novus originates from Latin and means to be new, fresh, revived and extraordinary. This reflects our new beginnings under a new ownership and fits in with our concept of offering an out of the ordinary banking service.

We have chosen, as part of our logo, the iconic Gibraltar Campion flower (Silene Tormentosa). The campion is very rare and unique to Gibraltar. It was once believed to be extinct but re-discovered in 1994 when it was found growing in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. As a symbol of beauty, survival and uniqueness, the campion is truly a flower that is out of the ordinary.

At Trusted Novus Bank we are not quite like other banks – we want to be more than just your bank account. With us, you are offered the services that you need from a bank, but we insist on giving you something more…something out of the ordinary!

We offer a full range of banking services, but at the heart of what we do is build a strong relationship with our clients. You will have closer personal relations than you might expect from other banks. We combine our skills and talent with local knowledge to create a special bond with clients. We believe banking should be an enjoyable and out of the ordinary experience.

What makes us out of the ordinary?

Many banks offer advice on various banking services. So does Trusted Novus Bank. However, we also insist on giving you something more. You can look forward to a bank that is not quite like the others.


As a client you will experience that we do whatever is in our power to make banking as easy as possible for you in your current situation. We help you to navigate through the complex world of banking and aim to make it an enjoyable experience.
You will find that…

  • ... you get direct access to your Relationship Manager
  • … we will meet with you in person, on the phone or online – whichever suits you best
  • … your relationship manager is trained and empowered to make decisions together with you
  • … your day-to-day banking is easily done on your computer, but you’re welcome to pop by to see us


You will experience that we believe in personal relationships, and you will find that, when giving advice, your Relationship Manager has your best interest at heart and takes all aspects of your situation into consideration. Your Relationship Manager will…

  • … not receive any form of bonuses,
  • … have plenty of time to talk to you, so together you can define a strategy that is tailor-made for you

Out of the Ordinary

We are out of the ordinary because we believe there is no such thing as ordinary clients. Therefore…

  • … we go out of our way to give you a unique, informal experience that you will not get at an ordinary bank
  • … at Trusted Novus Bank, we believe in building long-term relationships by maintaining a healthy balance between all stakeholders in the relationship: Clients, Shareholders and Employees

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