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TNB Internship Programme

"At TNB we aim to bridge the gap between the knowledge students gain in school, university, etc and the skills they are likely to need in the workplace."

Yvette McElwee, Human Resources Manager

Key information

  • Start date is September 2023.

  • Deadline for applications has now passed.

  • Full 2-year fixed contract.

  • Maximum of 3 placements available.


  • Individual to be 18+.

  • Individual needs to have completed higher education within 24 months from applying for the internship.

  • The individual needs to have the ability to work full-time during the 2-year internship period offered.


Click here to see what benefits you when becoming an intern within TNB for the two year programme.


Click here to see some hints and tips which will help you in the application process and in understanding the business better.


Click here to view how to apply, the application journey and the internship journey.

Opportunities available to you

Looking to become a TNB intern but want to gain more of an insight into the way we work?

Click play and see Jamie Wright, Transaction Administrator, Melanie Lett, Executive PA and Gianna Falero, FP & A Analyst talk about their experience at TNB.

Click play and see Christine Bassadone, Head of Personal Banking, Samantha Pardo, Financial Analyst and Edward Langston, Head of Risk Management talk about their experience at TNB.

Past student testimonials


Undertaking a Summer placement at Trusted Novus Bank was an exceptional experience that enriched my knowledge and provided me with invaluable exposure to the internal operations of the HR department.

The opportunity to be trusted with tasks and be involved in ongoing projects allowed me to hone my skills and apply my academic knowledge in a practical setting. The welcoming and supportive environment at TNB fostered a conducive learning atmosphere and encouraged me to take up challenges with confidence.

TNB not only deepened my understanding of HR practices but also affirmed my passion for pursuing a career in this field. The experience was instrumental in shaping my perception of the ideal work culture and helped me discern my career goals. This realisation led me to centre my dissertation and job search on human resources, which helped me gain further insight into the industry and hone my skills in this field.

The practical experience gained at TNB proved to be an asset during job interviews as I was able to articulate my contributions and responsibilities in a contemporary work setting. This experience has been instrumental in shaping my professional aspirations and cementing my interest in human resources as a career choice.


My summer placement with Trusted Novus Bank was an invaluable opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the finance industry.

From day one, I was impressed by the level of professionalism and expertise of the team, who welcomed me as a valued member of the organisation. Throughout the placement, I worked on a range of projects that challenged me to think creatively and apply my skills in new ways. I particularly enjoyed working on the development of a new mobile banking app, which gave me an insight into the latest trends in the industry. Overall, my time at Trusted Novus Bank was a truly enriching experience, and I can confidently say that the skills and knowledge I gained have served me well for my chosen career path.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you guys and always speak highly of you all (especially to my students when discussing careers etc).

My summer placements with Trusted Novus Bank were a fantastic opportunity for me to gain first-hand experience in a workplace environment.

I was fortunate to have spent time in both the Human Resources and the Credit Department.  

All of the staff were welcoming and keen to provide support whenever they could. I was studying law at university at the time and despite my inexperience of what full time employment entailed, from day one I was made to feel like a valued member of the team. I was encouraged to contribute during team meetings; asked for my opinion on how different tasks could be carried out more efficiently and entrusted with significant projects, like updating the employee handbook. The team were supportive and conscious of my career aspirations and wherever possible, I was allocated tasks and projects that were related to my area of study.

Having since qualified as a lawyer, looking back on my time at TNB, my summer placements helped me improve skills that I now apply every day. In particular I am conscious of the importance of paying attention to detail, the need to work positively as part of a team and time-management. More specifically to my chosen career path, it also gave me an insight into what clients really want and expect from their lawyers.

For anyone considering applying to TNB’s internship programme, I encourage you to apply, you will not regret it!