Meet the Mortgage Team

Morten S Jensen 

Head of Mortgage Team 

Morten’s career in banking began in 2002 when he joined Jyske Bank (now Trusted Novus Bank). Initially he practised as a Wealth Manager in Private Banking and then took on a new challenge as Head of Personal Banking providing an extensive range of products and services to local clientsAs the bank’s mortgage business started to grow, Morten was moved to a new position of Head of Mortgage Team, where mortgages are now the fastest growing area in the bank. 

His main role is strategic, focusing on product developmentmarketing opportunities and making Trusted Novus Bank the homeowners bank of choice. Having a good insight into the local mortgage market, he also assists clients in the mortgage process. 

For Morten “one size fits all” does not exist. He thinks “outside of the box” and treats each mortgage enquiry on an individual and personal basis. 

Gerard Fabre 

Mortgage Planner  

Gerard has been in banking for over 40 years – 17 years of which have been in Trusted Novus Bank. During these years Gerard has amassed a wealth of banking knowledge from the various roles he has held, making him an enormous asset to the Mortgage Team. 

Gerard, being a mortgage planner, of course has a thorough and detailed knowledge of our mortgage products, all the associated costs and the key stages of the mortgage journey. However, in order to ensure that the path to homeownership is as smooth as possible, Gerard adds his personal touch. He will go the extra mile to make things easier for clients, providing not only his knowledge and experience but also showing a genuine interest in making buying a property as straightforward as it can be. 

Giovanni Romero

Relationship Manager, Mortgage Team

Giovanni has worked with Trusted Novus Bank (formally Galliano’s Bank and Jyske Bank) for over 33 years. Always looking for new challenges, Giovanni has been employed in almost every department, taking on a variety of different roles, with the common denominator that each role involves client relations.

Client relations is the area in which Giovanni feels most comfortable and excels. He always puts himself in the client’s position and considers the type of service he would like to receive as a client, and then makes the client’s experience out of the ordinary, by delivering a service beyond expectations.

Last year, Giovanni joined the team, taking his CeMAP (Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice) in record time to fulfil this role’s requirements. Now he provides the same excellent service to his 100 colleagues as he has to clients for the last 33 years!

Melissa Riggs

Mortgage Planner

Mel started in banking at the age of 18 years, when she was employed by Barclays Bank in her home city of Liverpool. After a few years with Barclays in the Isle of Man she was seconded to Gibraltar for a few months, and has been here ever since.

Throughout her banking career she has always worked in the area of Credit and in client facing roles. Her analytical mind and flair for problem solving serve her well when it comes to credit matters because of course thorough assessment is crucial when lending money.

Having worked in an administrative role in the Credit Department in Trusted Novus Bank (TNB), she has taken the decision to return to a client facing role and join the mortgage team. She brings with her not only a strong credit background, which is of course hugely beneficial when dealing with mortgages, but also a very structured, matter of fact approach. Mel always strives to find solutions to all challenging situations and so you can rely on her to guide you all the way on the path to your homeownership.

Vanessa Caulfield 

Mortgage Planner 

Vanessa took up her position in Trusted Novus Bank's mortgage team back in December 2019. She brings a wealth of experience to the team, with a sales background stretching across various businesses in the UK including large mortgage providers.  

As a mortgage planner she guides property purchasers through the complex procedure of buying their new home. She endeavours to simplify what can be a daunting process for clients, holding the clients hands from their first enquiry until they have they keys to their property.  

Starting the journey to homeownership could be one of the biggest financial decisions you will probably ever make and so having Vanessa by your side all the way will make your path to homeownership an easy, personal and out of the ordinary experience.