Manuals for HID approve app and Netbank

We are currently in the process of migrating all clients onto a new Netbank log-in platform with the assistance of a digital authenticator known as the HID approve app. HID, is a soft-token app installed on a smart device protected by a PIN, it is used at the time of login and sends push notifications to your mobile app to approve the login.

The migration to our new log-in method is being communicated to all clients via email. If you have not yet been contacted regarding this migration, do not worry as you will be contacted soon and your current Netbank should be working as it always has.

Within the migration email (‘TNB Online Banking’) you shall receive the following information:
  • New User ID – Please note it down and save it safely as it will be needed every time you login to Netbank.
  • User guide – A step by step guide is provided explaining how to both download the HID approve app as well as how to use it alongside your new login details.
  • QR codes – These codes will be needed to pair your smart device to your new Netbank via the HID approve app.
Going forward you will need to safely save the following information:
  • User ID – your new user ID which is provided in the email
  • Password – please also note you will need to know your current Netbank password to access your new login.
  • HID – the 6-digit PIN used to access the app on your smart device, as this will be needed every time you log-in.

Upon receiving the email, if you need any further help installing the digital authenticator app or logging-in afterwards, have a look at our short video instructions below or contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling +35020059244.

Please note the videos do not contain any sound.

How to replace the paper key-card with the digital authenticator

How to log-in first time with digital authenticator app as a new Netbank user

How to register a new device on the digital authenticator app

Please note the new device has to be registered before you wipe clean the old one!

How to download the digital authenticator app in App Store

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