Changes to IBANs and our SWIFT BIC

17 November 2021

As part of our ongoing journey as Trusted Novus Bank, we will be introducing some necessary changes over the coming weeks to your account details to enable you to continue to receive payments into your Trusted Novus Bank account.

The first change we are notifying you of is that we are changing our ‘SWIFT BIC’ and ‘IBANs to reflect our new name.

Changes to our SWIFT BIC

JYBAGIGI is changing to TNOVGIGI

This SWIFT BIC code is very important when making international payments as it enables other banks to recognise us. However please do not use the new code until we tell you otherwise.

Changes to your IBANs

The second change will affect IBANs (International Bank Account Numbers). As part of the conversion, both your old and new IBAN will work in parallel for the foreseeable future. You will notice that your IBAN number in Netbank has already changed, you can see this change under "view your account details". This is part of the conversion process.

You can use your new IBAN number but remember to keep using our old SWIFT BIC Code (JYBAGIGI) until we tell you otherwise.