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Markets in the age of the 3D Reset

The following investment outlook for 2024 is made by our trusted global investment partner, Schroders, who power our Global Discretionary Portfolio Management solutions. 

Decarbonisation, Deglobalisation and Demographics

These are the three top trends coming together for 2024. "It's been themes we've been talking about for a while...and the challenge with these structural trends is that they all point to a deterioration in the trade-off between growth and inflation." - Johanna Kyrklund, Group Chief Investment Officer, Schroders. 

Watch: Schroders Outlook 2024 

How are investors in equities, fixed income and private assets responding to this challenge as they look to 2024? Find out directly from Schroders’ experts where they’re finding the best opportunities to benefit from the 3Ds and what it means for investors’ money.

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For equity investors a change in mindset is needed. This involves more diversification across regions (less US, more of the rest of the world), more focus on the implications of structural change and renewed attention to valuation, quality, and risk.

Fixed Income

"We've gone back to the old-fashioned reason for owning bonds so as to generate income in the portfolio and the good news is that yields are looking much healthier in fixed income."

- Johanna Kyrklund, Group Chief Investment Officer, Schroders. 

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