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Invest Loans

An Invest Loan is an investment product which enables you to gear your investments (cash, equities, bonds, funds etc). The minimum deposit is GBP 150,000 (or equivalent in another major currency) to match the minimum loan value of GBP 100,000 (or equivalent in another major currency). The essence of the product is that your deposit, as well as the proceeds from the loan, are invested in such a way that the total return of this investment made as a minimum, can service the interest on the loan. An Invest Loan allows you to boost and strengthen your investment by means of gearing. 

This gearing element, however, increases the volatility of the investment and can result in losses (including losses that can amount to more than your initial investment) in the event of downward market fluctuations. The size of any loss is magnified as a result of the gearing and so it is important that this product is aligned to your risk/investment-profile and that you fully understand the increased levels of risk associated with this product.