Business partners

Remuneration, commission and other payments

You are entitled to information of any remuneration (including commission) or other payments that we, your advisers and other relevant persons, receive and that may affect the quality of the advice you receive. This document was prepared to help you decide whether you wish to make use of the financial services that we offer.

No employee receives commission or bonus from the bank or from any of our business partners.

Investment in package solutions and structured products

With respect to package solutions (investment associations and insurance-based investment products) and structured products, fees and commission are generally charged on the basis of the amount you invest and the product provider deducts these from your invested funds when they are received.

The up-front fee that is charged by product providers can be paid to us as a one-off commission. A part of any administrative fee charged by the product provider on the basis of the value of your investment may (also) be paid to us as a regular commission. The more funds you invest in the product and the longer you keep your investment, the higher the commission we receive from the product provider.

Product One-off commission Regular commission
Franklin Templeton International Services S.A.
All funds Up to 3% of the nominal amount that you invest in a fund 0.45-1.00% p.a. of assets under management
Jyske Invest
All investment associations a percentage of the nominal amount that you invest in a fund, as follows:
1.00%-1.25% for bond funds
2.00%-3.00% for equity funds
1.00%-2.00% for strategy funds
advisory services and agency commission on the basis of the average market value of the fund's assets, calculated and received quarterly as follows:
0.45%-0.75% for bond funds
1.00%-1.25% for equity funds
0.60%-1.25% for strategy funds
Schroder Investment Management (Luxemborg)
All funds Up to 3% of the nominal amount that you invest in a fund 0.20-1.00% p.a. of assets under management
Visa International
All Visa cards   from 0.55% to 0.95% of the card balance within the EU and from 0.95% to 1.60% of the card balance outside the EU.

You are welcome to contact us if you would like more details about one or more of the above mentioned business partners.