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Your Internship Journey Starts Today

September 2023

The Internship Programme will be designed to offer the opportunity to work with various departments across the Bank including (but not limiting) any key projects running at the time.

1 Month In

Start of internship

Build a sense of belonging and gain an insight into our culture.

3 Months In

Develop a broad scope of knowledge across departments via a 12 month training programme. 

12 Months In

Focus in a certain area that the organisation identifies your key strengths to be in. 

14 Months In

Support from the organisation to enroll onto a Banking certificate and continue internship progression. 

18 Months In

Gain hands-on work experience whilst applying the skills, methods of working and ways of thinking you've developed. 

24 Months In

End of internship

A great induction to the banking industry or a role you may wish to persure, with the opportunity of securing a permanent position.