What we offer

We can provide you with a mortgage to purchase your own home, a home for your dependents, or to release equity against your existing property. An equity release can be used for home improvement, the purchase of other assets and for personal use as approved by the Bank.

Our mortgage solutions are available on a maximum LTV of 85%, with competitive and personalised interest rates.

We currently have the following 'residential mortgage' products:

Flex Mortgage

The Flex Mortgage aims to help manage your mortgage efficiently. If you are looking for a variable rate mortgage, that tracks Base Rate for the whole loan term, and which will allow you to make unscheduled overpayments without penalty, then the Flex Mortgage maybe of some interest. 

This mortgage solution allows you to make unscheduled partial loan repayments without any penalty charges with the exception of a one off £500 fee charged in the event that the loan is fully repaid ahead of the agreed schedule.

The Flex Mortgage can be repaid over a maximum term of 30 years if drawdown on an amortised repayment basis or over a maximum term of 35 years if drawn as a serial repayment loan.

A 0.25% Arrangement Fee (minimum £500) is payable to the Bank, which is calculated based upon the mortgage amount.

Valuation and legal fees will also be payable dependent upon the value / purchase price of the property and the size of the loan.

More information on Flex Mortgage

Advantage Mortgage 

The Advantage Mortgage aims to help with the early years of your mortgage payments by providing you with a discounted initial interest rate. This rate is offered to you for a set period of time (up to 5 years) after which time you will move on to a higher rate, or you may have the option to move to another mortgage product.

We offer competitive interest rates which are tailored to your circumstances.  In the case of an early repayment a charge of 0.5% applies during the initial years*.

*The charge comprises of 0.5% of the amount repaid plus an admin fee.

Our loan terms are aligned to the rest of our mortgage product suite. For amortising loans, we offer maximum term of 30 years and for serial loans, we offer a maximum term of 35 years.

In order to finalise the mortgage, we have an Arrangement Fee in place of 0.25% of the value of the mortgage. A minimum fee of £999 applies.

More information on Advantage Mortgage

Other Options

If you are considering buying a property with the intention of letting it out then we can consider financing for this purpose on a case by case basis.