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Flex Savings - Investing and saving in one solution

Flexible and simple savings solution in an actively handled strategy fund.

Flex Savings has been designed for those who wish to save for later in their lives, a savings for your future, in an easy, flexible and transparent way – without any hidden costs. Your deposit will be invested in a professionally managed strategy fund which matches your investment profile.

Flex Savings is a special opportunity of combining investing and saving. Your deposit will be placed in a strategy fund which matches your investment profile.

Advantages to you:

  • No tie-up period
  • Low minimum initial deposit
  • You can adjust your deposit on an ongoing basis
  • You may withdraw your money whenever you wish
  • You can follow your savings via Netbank
  • Your investments will be handled by specialists
  • You may obtain a reasonable return

How Flex Savings works

  1. We determine your investment profile
  2. You deposit an amount every month or every quarter
  3. The amount is invested in the strategy fund that matches your profile

Savings that are simple and easy to understand

Flex Savings makes it easy for you to save. You decide the term of your savings and it is always possible to withdraw your money. You can also adjust your deposit on an ongoing basis. In this way, you will at all times have an overview of the development of your savings via Netbank. You may also choose to start your savings with a larger one-off payment. This will increase your return potential and make it possible to obtain a discount on the annual account fee.

Strategy funds

Your deposit will be invested in a strategy fund on an ongoing basis. Below you can see the six funds and their distribution of risk between equities and bonds:

Funds Bonds Equities Risk
Jyske Invest Stable Strategy (GBP, USD, EUR) 80% 20% Low to medium
Jyske Invest Balanced Strategy (GBP, USD, EUR) 60% 40% Medium
Jyske Invest Dynamic Strategy (EUR) 40% 60% Medium to high
Jyske Invest Growth Strategy (EUR) 20% 80% High


No matter which strategy fund you choose, you leave the ongoing decisions to experienced portfolio managers of Jyske Invest International who professionally and actively manage the underlying investments. Consequently, you do not have to monitor the increasingly complex financial markets yourself. Your investment will be diversified with the aim of achieving the best possible relation between risk and return – and you gain easy access to markets which may otherwise be cost-intensive

Idea behind the strategy funds

The strategy funds are portfolio products like all other funds offered by Jyske Invest International. What differentiates them from the other funds is that they may contain various types of equities and various types of bonds. The funds may, for instance, include equities from various countries, various sectors, developed-market bonds, emerging market
bonds and corporate bonds.

Read more about the strategy funds at

Would you like to learn more?

If you wish to see a specific example of the possible performance of your personal savings, please contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Contact your Relationship Manager at Trusted Novus Bank.