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Marta Hertmanowska

Marta Hertmanowska, Business Analyst, has been with the Bank over 2.5 years and currently spends her days multi-tasking on several key projects for TNB, which is what she does best! From dealing with external vendors, reading contracts, and navigating projects to-do lists, you will always find her with a smile on her face, even when running from meeting to meeting! Although, a soon-to-be-mum for the second time, this has certainly not slowed her down! 

What I like most about my job is the diversity within my tasks, which are both exciting and challenging. I especially enjoy the fact that I collaborate with all different departments within the bank which means that I am getting  to know my colleagues pretty well! I am a very sociable person, in and outside of work, so I love to interact with different stakeholders across the organisation, working with people is what makes mewell, me. 

Marta is a Business Analyst within the Business Systems Department. She spends her working time putting into place innovate solutions with an out-of-the-ordinary personal touch

Every day makes me feel happy to be part of TNB, with a great network of work friends sharing  the same goal and mindset”. 

The Business Systems Department is involved in many collaborative projects which are different to business as usual work. We deal with both external parties as well as colleagues within the TNB. 

We are like a Premier League football team; we have a solid defence and attack but also a great team captain who knows the team very well, playing to everyone’s strengths, and encouraging us to  learn from one another – he is good at ensuring that we get the job done! We are also very lucky to have a great working atmosphere, with good level of humour within the team meaning that we boost each others spirits up in stressful situations. 

The future of the Business Systems department is exciting and with no final destination. “The team have embarked on a journey with our clients and, our plan is to ensure every step of the journey creates a better service to our clients. The team will continue to be dedicated to project work, and always continue to be innovated.

Since I’ve joined TNB I have seen how the bank is developing, evolving and improving the way we do business. The key to the way we prioritise our work is by listening to our clients. I am excited to see where this journey takes us.” 

Outside of work Marta loves to take walks with her family (dog included!), eat amazing food and spend time at the beach and explore underwater diving - all which Gibraltar is great for! She made the conscious decision to move to Gibraltar over a decade ago following a day trip whilst on a holiday. “I have chosen to live here and to be a part of this community – which is why working for TNB is so important to me. TNB is truly a local bank, providing service to local clients  who I often see  in the banking hall or even at the till in Morrisons! It makes me feel proud that so many local clients have chosen “my” bank as their banking partner.