September 2023

The Internship Programme will be designed to offer the opportunity to work with various departments across the Bank including (but not limiting) any key projects running at the time.

"At TNB we aim to bridge the gap between the knowledge students gain in school, university, etc and the skills they are likely to need in the workplace."

Yvette McElwee, Human Resources Manager

Key information

    • Start date is September 2023.

    • Deadline for applications is 14th June 2023.

    • Full 2-year fixed contract.

    • Maximum of 3 placements available.


    • Individual to be 18+.

    • Individual┬áneeds to have completed higher education within 24 months from applying for the internship.

    • The individual needs to have the ability to work full-time during the 2-year internship period offered.