Global Discretionary Portfolio Management

Investment takes time. It need not be yours.

Time is one of our most precious assets – often the problem is that we do not have enough of it. And indeed when it comes to investment, it
may be a problem not having enough time. If you would like to invest but prefer not to spend precious time doing so, you may want to consider Global Discretionary Portfolio Management

– and have the freedom to spend your time as you please. Through Global Discretionary Portfolio Management, you delegate the management of your investments to our professional portfolio managers, who will manage your investments based on your individual requirements.

You set up the framework – we do the groundwork and the ongoing portfolio management.

Is Global Discretionary Portfolio Management the right thing for you?

  • You like personal investments based on your investment profile
  • You like to have your investments managed actively - without any regular work on your part
  • You like to have your investments monitored professionally
  • You like to diversify your investments by investing in several asset classes

If you agree to some of these statements, Global Discretionary Portfolio Management may appeal to you.

Investing in competence

Good investing requires thorough analysis, research and careful preparation. Behind Global Discretionary Portfolio Management stands a team of specialists with many years of experience in the financial markets – and with clients from more than 70 countries.

Before we build your portfolio, we conduct comprehensive research across asset classes and regions. Then we screen and analyse a
large number of global securities to select the equities, bonds and other asset classes that we think offer the best potential. We monitor your portfolio closely and manage it within the framework defined by you.

A global investment that covers a lot of ground

Gone are the days when portfolio management was only about investing in equities and bonds. Today opportunities are plentiful – and we take advantage of them to create the best possible conditions to enhance the return potential and lower the risk.

Therefore we put together a portfolio offering wide diversification across countries and asset classes. We include alternative asset classes such as commodities and hedge funds when assessing that they may give your portfolio an even better risk-return ratio.

Global Discretionary Portfolio Management offers an active investment that we monitor closely and adjust on an ongoing basis. Because we have flexibility within the agreed framework, we can react fast when new opportunities arise in the markets

We invest in assets such as

  • shares
  • traditional bonds
  • high-yielding bonds
  • corporate bonds
  • commodities
  • hedge funds

We invest through

  • Mutual funds
  • Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Individual securities
  • Structured products

Only the best – based on your situation

Through Global Discretionary Portfolio Management we not only analyse the investment market, we also take a close look at your situation so that you get the investment that we deem most appropriate in respect of your attitude to risk, your return expectations and your situation in general.

Your investment will be managed in your own account and you will be serviced by your personal adviser. You choose yourself the kind of follow-up you would like to have on your investment.

This is what we do ...

1. We define your investment profile:

- What is your personal situation?
- What is your financial situation?
- What kind of return do you expect?
- What is your time horizon?
- How much are you willing to risk?

2. We select the asset classes to be included in your portfolio

3. We select the specific securities

4. We monitor the markets and adjust your portfolio on an ongoing basis to optimise risk diversification

No investment without risk

When investing, profit is inherently associated with risk. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you are aware of the general risk associated with investing.

The value of your investment may rise and fall and it may even fall to a level below the amount of money you invested originally. Also, you must bear in mind that past performance is no indicator or guarantee of future performance.

Our team of experts behind Global Discretionary Portfolio Management aim to minimise any unnecessary risk associated with your portfolio by

  • knowing your investment profile
  • diversifying your investments across asset classes
  • diversifying your investments across sectors
  • diversifying your investments across regions
  • monitoring the market development and your individual portfolio

A strategy to match your profile

Before making your investment, it is important to establish what kind of investor you are. What would you like to achieve – and when? Can you suffer a loss – and how big a loss? We offer four different investment strategies with different investment horizons and individual weighting of the many investment opportunities. Each strategy has its pros and cons – finding the one that matches your profile is an individual choice.

All four strategies are offered in euro, US dollar, and pound sterling.

However, without falling outside your investment profile, portfolios may be constructed differently and possibly include other assets.

  • Stable

    The stable strategy involves a risk associated with an investment consisting of 80% bonds and 20% equities.

  • Balanced

    The balanced strategy involves a risk associated with an investment consisting of 60% bonds and 40% equities.

  • Dynamic

    The dynamic strategy involves a risk associated with an investment consisting of 40% bonds and 60% equities.

  • Growth

    The growth strategy involves a risk associated with an investment consisting of 20% bonds and 80% equities.

Important information before investing

Rules in your favour

As an investment client, you must be given the advice and product information to which you are entitled in order to be able to select the investment that matches you best – this is common sense as well as a statutory requirement. The rules vary from country to country, and therefore investors are not subject to the same rules in all countries. Whether you can make use of the product described in this brochure depends on the rules in the country of which you are ordinarily a resident. For instance, we cannot offer the product to persons liable to US taxation whether or not they live in the US.

You must know the advantages and disadvantages

The return on your investment will typically be linked closely to the level of risk you are willing to assume. Therefore, every time we give you advice about a financial product, we must in an honest, balanced and non misleading way explain to you what you consider investing in. For instance, you must be fully aware that the price of and the return on an investment may rise as well as fall, and that may favourably as well as adversely affect the value of your investment. The same applies to exchange-rate fluctuations if, for instance, you invest in assets in a currency other than your base currency. That a given investment performed favourably last year, is no guarantee that that it will continue to do so. Past performance is no guide to the future. Information on prices, charges, terms and conditions is set out in our General Business Conditions and price lists. Please contact your investment adviser if you have any questions relating to this investment in particular or investment strategies in general.