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Put your money to work

Do you plan to invest GBP 250,000* or more but prefer not to spend precious time doing so? If you lay down the guidelines for the investment, our investment specialists will do the work for you.

Global Discretionary Portfolio Management is based on interaction between you, your Relationship Manager, and our investment specialists. Together we will define your investment profile and draw up an investment strategy matching your profile. Then a professional investment team will on an ongoing basis monitor and adjust your investments.

You may invest in three different currencies: euro, US dollars and pound sterling.

What do you get?

Global Discretionary Portfolio Management will give you:

  • Professional monitoring and management of your investment – without any regular work on your part
  • An active investment diversified across several asset classes and regions
  • A personal investment based on your investment profile
  • An investment portfolio that will adjust to the opportunities arising in the markets

* As each of our clients has a unique investment profile, the amount is only indicative. The final investment amount will be agreed upon in cooperation with your Relationship Manager.