Industry insights

Here you can find all our industry blogs and insights we publish from time to time.

Diversify Your Wealth - Build Resilience

Senior Investment Adviser, Clint Williamson discusses the importance of diversification and building resilience within your investment portfolio.

Private Banking putting the bank’s values into practise

Senior Relationship Manager, Lise Flyxe, outlines how we make Private Banking an out of the ordinary experience for our clients.

Why is Trusted Novus Bank entering the Buy-to-Let market?

Head of Corporate Banking, Kasper Thy Jessen and Head of Mortgages, Morten Jensen talk about where they see the property market (specifically the Buy-to-Let) heading in the future and what does this mean for Trusted Novus Bank. 

Email Fraud – Could you spot a fraudulent email?

Head of Financial Crime & Security, Ivan Olivera talks about the risk of email fraud and what to be aware of in general and as a client of a bank.

The journey to be the Best Working Place in Gibraltar

HR Manager Yvette McElwee talks about what the role of the HR Department was in the past, how it is now and how it is envisaged to develop in the future.

A new IT platform is a crucial step

Head of IT, Troels Aagaard talks about Trusted Novus Banks new IT infrastructure and how it will affect clients and employees