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The latest articles and videos from our team of experts.

Banking on a Greener Future
July 2023

Want to know more about our journey in all things ESG (Environmental Social Governance)? Scroll through our monthly articles.

Community Banking Series
November 2022

Want to know what's going on in finance? Introducing our Community Banking Series, a series of videos that will cover a variety of financial topics of interest to the community, as well as those that you may like.

What percentage of your income should go towards your mortgage? June 2023

Your salary makes up a big part in determining how much you can afford. On one hand, you may want to see how much you could afford with your current salary or, you may want to figure out how much income you need to afford the house you really want. Either way, this guide will help you determine how much of your income you should put toward your mortgage payments every month.

Skills based hiring is on the rise as companies recruit for potential rather than degrees. June 2023

Recent research by Remote shows skills-based hiring is up 63% in the past year as more employers value experience over academic qualifications and as a top HR trend for the 2023 workplace, as voted by Forbes., it is at the forefront of TNB’s HR strategy in order to create a more inclusive hiring process.

Why is TNB entering the Buy-to-Let market? September 2021

Manager of Corporate Banking, Kasper Thy Jessen and Head of Mortgages, Morten Jensen talk about where they see the property market (specifically the Buy-to-Let) heading in the future. 

Could you spot a fraudulent email? July 2021

Head of Financial Crime & Security, Ivan Olivera talks about the risk of email fraud and what to be aware of in general and as a client of a bank.

Diversify your wealth and build resilience, April 2021

Senior Investment Adviser, Clint Williamson discusses the importance of diversification and building resilience within your investment portfolio.

The journey to be the Best Working Place in Gibraltar, April 2021

HR Manager Yvette McElwee talks about what the role of the HR Department was in the past, how it is now and how it is envisaged to develop in the future.