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“Skills-Based Hiring Is On The Rise 

As Companies Recruit For Potential Rather Than Degrees”. 

Forbes, 2023

Recent research by Remote shows skills-based hiring is up 63% in the past year as more employers value experience over academic qualifications and as a top HR trend for the 2023 workplace, as voted by Forbes., it is at the forefront of TNB’s HR strategy in order to create a more inclusive hiring process.

Research shows that for employers, skills-based hiring broadens the talent pool, increases the speed to hire, reduces costs and adds greater diversity of thought in the workforce and we believe in just that!

This way of thinking is also implemented within our hiring platform known as soft factors. This platform focuses on analysing a candidate based on both their hard and soft skills, including whether you are an introvert, extrovert, cautious, strategic thinker, open minded, task focused, thorough, traditional, and the list goes on. Within this type of application process, we see the value of hiring someone with the right mind-set and focus on development rather than specific skills set.

With the launch of our internship programme in September 2023, here at TNB we are looking to bridge the gap between what students learn in school and what they can learn in the workplace.

Our internship programme is aimed at both those finishing A-levels and those finishing university. The internship programme will offer learning across the organisation providing individuals with a broader knowledge in the different areas across the business. The building of skills offers agility for employees to adapt easier and quicker, to the constant changing nature of any working environment. With, the internship programme, it will offer the knowledge of transferable skills making the experience worthwhile, especially as in most cases this will act as the applicants’ first job, setting them up on the right foot upon the career path to suit them.

If you feel this way of working is suitable to you, our internship programme is open for applications until 14th June 2023. Additionally, if you do not meet the internship programme criteria, please visit the jobs section of our website to see if a position is available to suit you.