Natalie Massetti

Natalie Massetti, a Corporate Relationship Manager, is a true team player with a preference for face-to-face conversations over any telephone or email scenario. Learn more about how she works and about her many experiences with clients over the years.

I started in the bank back in 2014 and was soon promoted to Corporate Relationship Manager in 2016. I work with Corporate Clients and most of my time is spent on building good relationships with them, gaining an in-depth understanding of how their business works and subsequently working out the best ways in which I can assist with their banking needs.

What I like the most about my job is the variety of tasks and that every day is different and that I have clients in a wide variety of business sectors so it is interesting to learn about the different industries. I find it very rewarding to help the clients with their banking needs and see their business grow to their full potential, e.g. gaining approval for a credit facility which will help them grow/secure their business or help them out with their daily cash flows.

"Since covid-19 especially, the personalised relationship with the client is more important than ever."

After the pandemic it became evident how much both the clients and I missed having our usual face-to-face contact. No matter how much you talk over the phone or communicate over email it’s not the same. Face-to-face contact is enjoyable and indeed valuable to build long-term relationships which is important to us in TNB.

Over the years I find it difficult to pinpoint one thing I like most about working within the bank, apart from my great relationships with both clients and colleagues. I have many good memories from the years I’ve been in the Bank. We have built a cardboard rocket ship, cycled to Ronda (and back!), brewed our own beer and we do arrange various small events in the Corporate Banking team to keep the team spirit high.

Outside of work I love to cycle; cycling is a way for me to “switch off” and at the same time it keeps me fit. I also enjoy watching and attending tennis matches and going to concerts, I have seen over 70 live artists. Finally, a fun fact about me is that I can juggle!