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Lee Buhagiar

Lee Buhagiar is not an ordinary CFO & Data Management Manager, he is a people-first CFO. Learn more about Lee, how his team works, and his thoughts about what the future holds for CFOs and the banking sector.

I describe myself as an unconventional, innovative, and people-first CFO.  I honestly believe that my main responsibility is to bring out the best in people, to help them reach heights they may not have realised they were capable of reaching. When the right team is assembled, empowered, and inspired, the sky is truly the limit. 

That's the reason that in my departments, I expect that we live through three main views:

  • Trust.
  • Behaviour Just be good… It’s easy!
  • Focus – Execute and deliver.

"Our mentality must be that this team will always succeed – we work together, we win together! Mentality beats brains every day".

Taking a look at the future, for me CFOs will need to be armed with data-driven insights. Tomorrow's financial decision makers must be versatile, fast-paced and digitally minded to be able to anticipate and respond to ever-changing circumstances. Those poised to achieve the greatest success are long-term visionaries, equipped with big ideas, the right technology and the ability to anticipate change in an unpredictable world.

My departments (Finance and Data Management) will need to prioritise (more) strategic investments in digital technologies. Both departments will synergise and become trusted business advisors. But this can only happen with powerful technology that everyone can use with cognitive comfort.

Family man

Outside of work, to be honest, right now I simply enjoy being around my family. I am a father to two beautiful girls and they are still small. So, when I’m back from work we try to spend as much time as we can as a family. This can be something as simple as playing games, cooking dinner together or a trip to the park.