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Christian Garcia

Christian, Chief Risk Officer (CRO) is a hard working individual who is always on the go whether its working, learning or sailing! Christian is generous with his time and enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with colleagues. 

"Wherever you are and whatever you do, I believe there is value in any engagement and always something to learn. I always try to keep learning and stay ahead of the game."

As the Chief Risk Officer, I am responsible for ensuring that risk is adequately managed at Trusted Novus Bank. I have over 20 years of experience in financial and operational risk management, compliance and policy and my day-to-day surrounds formulating, developing and managing risk frameworks within the financial services industry.

My teams are split into three units, Risk Management, Financial Crime & Security and Compliance & Legal. Whilst there is some common overlap, each team works independently from each other and have different objectives.

"I am looking forward to the technological change within the banking sector."

Outside of banking my main hobbies involve sailing, hiking and spending time with my family. 

Being a mentor

"Thanks very much Arianne, for spending some time with me, you know where I am if you ever wish to discuss any aspect of your career or about TNB, my door is always open and to help you out as best as I can" 

Christian Garcia, Chief Risk Officer (CRO).