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James Linares

James, Head of IT here at Trusted Novus Bank is an innovative and driven individual, a part of the Gibraltar Badminton team and names himself a 'super geek' filling his time with gaming or software development. 

"I am driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the world around me, and I believe that technology has the power to transform industries and empower individuals."

By promoting digitisation, I continue to improve systems throughout the bank along with my team. The team is my highest priority, so I also act as a mentor for them, spreading my technical knowledge and making sure they have everything they need to get the work done, whilst also ensuring we have a fun atmosphere in the team. I’m an easy-going guy and love to make jokes and have an enjoyable time at work!

I am Head of IT at TNB, which means I oversee all of the IT systems in the bank along with my team of super ninjas. This includes all custom-made applications, infrastructure, telephony, hardware, software, cyber security, service desk, data, and our Cloud environment. No day is the same – whether it’s juggling emails, going to meetings to provide technical input, or fixing a ‘it’s never going to break’ application! I lead the IT team by setting them in the right direction, reviewing, and sharing my knowledge. IT in the bank comprises mainly of project work, so I collect different project ideas and break them down into smaller deliverable chunks and tasks. 

IT department, 2023

"The team thrives on collaboration. Each member is valued for their unique skills and perspectives they bring to the team, whether it’s coding, design, or analytical thinking – combining these talents leads to well-rounded and holistic solutions."

Through open communication, we have developed strong relationships among team members, and everybody is able to speak their mind. Our primary goal is to deliver top-notch solutions to our clients, whether that be internal or external. We adopt an agile practice, which ensures we remain nimble and adaptable in our approach. By breaking down projects into manageable tasks, we maintain a high level of focus and respond to changes quickly. The team aims to be autonomous, which empowers each member to explore new solutions, embrace innovation, and contribute to our continuous growth. We have a lot of banter and fun during work. Despite the IT stereotype (we don’t sit in a basement with flickering fluorescent lights), we love cracking jokes, sharing memes, and rocking the tech world whilst having a blast.

Being in IT means we get a high-level overview of different areas in the bank, which we use to identify areas for digitalisation. Apart from this, I also need to create IT reports for the broader business, as well as technical documentation for us internally. We have lots of monitoring in place to ensure everything runs smoothly, which we constantly check – such as our cyber security landscape. 

"I’m part of the Gibraltar Badminton team where I train a couple of times a week."

In my downtime, I’m constantly keeping up to date with technology and identifying new systems and processes which could aid the bank in different areas.