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Kim Juul Knudsen

Kim, Business Systems and Facilities Manager, is an individual who is full on in both his work life and private life. Having been a part of the banking sector for over 25 years, in Denmark and Gibraltar, making the move to Trusted Novus Bank back in 2007, was one he couldn't turn down. 

"As a Manager, I wear multiple hats, overseeing IT, Business Systems, and all aspects related to our premises. What sets my leadership approach apart is my firm belief in harnessing each individual's unique strengths, allowing them to excel and achieve remarkable results both for themselves and the entire team."

One aspect of my job I find especially fulfilling is mentoring and collaborating with our younger colleagues. While skills and competences can be cultivated through learning, attitude and experience present more intricate challenges. Experience can't be acquired from books, but it can be shared and embraced with the right mindset. When surrounded by individuals who possess the right attitude, even the most intricate tasks become achievable and exciting possibilities unfold. Together, we nurture an environment where growth, learning, and empowerment thrive, making our collective journey truly remarkable.

In my realm of management, we navigate the thrilling balance between long-term planning and ambitious, large-scale projects that could reshape our systems or revolutionize our building layout. We love diving into these grand ventures, but alongside this, we also face the exhilarating challenge of dealing with the unexpected—those day-to-day hiccups that ignite fires we must extinguish swiftly.

The dynamic blend of long-term vision and sudden problem-solving keeps our work atmosphere electric and exhilarating. No two days are ever alike, and we find ourselves continuously on our toes, ready to embrace whatever curveballs come our way. This element of unpredictability fuels our passion, driving us to explore, innovate, and ultimately create an environment where excitement and ingenuity thrive.

"Embracing technology's undeniable presence is like embarking on a thrilling adventure that promises to revolutionize not only the banking sector but society as a whole. Being an active participant in this transformative journey is very exciting."

In this rapidly evolving landscape, we wholeheartedly embrace automation and digital solutions, yet we never lose sight of being values based and have people in focus. Striking the perfect balance between technology and a personal touch, our workplace becomes a vibrant hub of innovation and compassion.

Empowering both our clients and colleagues to embrace digital self-sufficiency becomes a shared mission, allowing them to navigate a tech-driven world with ease and confidence. Automation should take care of mundane tasks, leaving our talented colleagues with ample time and energy to make a real difference for our clients and community. The fusion of technology and human spirit sparks a symphony of progress and positive change, and I am thrilled to be a part of this journey that shapes our future.

Business Systems Team, 2023

Raising money for Movember, November 2022

Business systems and IT department, 2023

"When I step away from the world of banking, I like to immerse myself in the wonders of this spectacular area we call home. The adventures are endless as I seize every opportunity to experience the charm and uniqueness it has to offer."

I enjoy revving up my motorbike and embarking on day trips or longer journeys. The winding country roads lead to quaint villages where you can soak up the vibrant culture or the spectacular beaches of Costa de la Luz. The enchanting cities of Andalucia as well with their ancient alleys and modern marvels. The local flavours, culture and warm hospitality leave a firm mark. The fusion of history with its multiple cultural influences and traditions ranging from Easter parades to Ferias - I savour every moment, cherishing the richness of experiences and the thrill of the unknown that await at every turn. It's a life filled with adventure, rich culture, and the true essence of living to the fullest.