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Web Card Portal

Once you receive your card you will have the web portal at your disposal. With the use of this tool, you will be able to manage your cards and financial transactions remotely.

Benefits you can enjoy

  • 1. Manage all your cards on one site

    Using our web portal, you will now have one log-in to manage all your cards simultaneously.

    If you own both personal and corporate cards, then you will have two separate log-ins.

  • 2. View your card transaction in real time

    All your Visa Card transactions will be visible instantly in near real time, making it easier to manage your spending.

  • 3. Block your visa card

    If your card is lost or stolen, please ensure that you block your card using your app/web portal. You can then contact the Cards Help Desk directly so that they may issue you with a new Visa card or call the 24/7 Visa Customer service number

  • 4. Online Shopping

    You can now control your online shopping. If you do not wish to use your card for online purchases you can turn this functionality off to increase the security around your card. 

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    5. Control your ATM usage

    By using our new platforms, you can choose to block or unblock ATM usage on your card.

  • 6. Disable contactless

    In the same way you can manage e-commerce you can also control the functionality of the contactless feature of your card, this can be switched on or off with the touch of a button.

    Haven’t received your card?

    If you haven’t received your Visa card, please contact the Card Services Help Desk at +350 200 23000 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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    Visa Secure (formerly known as 'Verified by Visa') is a service provided by Visa offering an additional layer of security when performing online purchases with your card.

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