Private Banking putting the bank’s values into practise

Senior Relationship Manager, Lise Flyxe, outlines how we make Private Banking an out of the ordinary experience for our clients.

Trusted Novus Bank has been undertaking marketing activities – do you believe the local community now has a true perception of the bank and it’s services?

We are a unique bank in Gibraltar because we now offer Mortgages, Corporate, Personal and Private Banking services under one roof. This means our clients enjoy the synergies of having access to an all-round banking service to accommodate all their banking needs at all stages in life.

I believe that thanks to our recent marketing campaign we have broken the myth of being a bank only for Private Banking clients.  For over 30 years, the bank has mainly been servicing clients with wealth in excess of £150,000. The difference today is we are running a full line bank to the benefit of the local community and to our clients in general. This expansion of our range of services is in line with our mission to become the bank of choice in Gibraltar.

At the core of any business are mission statements and values – how do the values of Trusted Novus Bank impact on the way you practise Private Banking?

We like to think that our clients see us as an empathetic bank as we endeavour to have strong and personal relationships with our clients. In Private Banking, our Investment Philosophy embraces one of our key values: Genuine interest.

We learn so much when we ask our clients “where have you been, where are you now, where are you going … and how can we help you get there?”. These questions stimulate a dialogue which allows us to have an in depth understanding of the individual’s priorities and helps us define an overall strategy for their wealth. During our meetings, we often have what I call, “aha” moments where clients suddenly realise that they have more than one objective and can commit different portions of their wealth to different investment strategies. Our solutions are tailor made for the individual and are based on that genuine interest which helps us get it right from the very beginning.

Another value of the bank is Different and Unpretentious – I like to call it “unpretentiously serious” because we treat our clients seriously but in an informal way. Having both feet on the ground, we can better hear what is being said and pick up what is important to our clients.

So often the Private Banking industry has been associated with aggressive selling and being bonus driven, but we are different because our Private Banking team are not measured on individual sales targets. This supports a culture where we are driven by long term personal relationships where our advice is unbiased. Our passion and focus is on being a partner to our clients, helping them achieve their financial goals and dreams.

Progress in the form of digitalisation is inevitable in banking, how do you see Trusted Novus Bank operating in this digitalised banking environment?

Together with one of the top providers in the world, we are developing our own digitalised solutions and expect to go live in the beginning of 2023. Human contact is important to us and to our clients, so we will certainly continue to offer our personalised service but also enhance the client experience by improving our digital systems and services. When it comes to your wealth, we want to be there with you. We have more than 30 years of offering Private Banking services, and we will continue to have that intellectual capital accessible to our Private Banking clients. 

Is there a statement you believe best describes Trusted Novus Bank Private Banking?

When you become a client of Private Banking, your story becomes part of ours and we’re determined to write an out of the ordinary one with you.