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Active investment with a risk

Would you like to be an active investor? And do you have GBP150,000* or more for investments? Take the opportunity to invest an amount higher than the deposit contributed by yourself and increase your chances of a potentially higher return. You must, however, be prepared to tolerate a potential risk of loss.

When you take up an Active Invest Loan, you borrow money on your own deposit. The idea is to profit from the difference between the interest you pay on the loan and the return you receive on the investment.

You work in close cooperation with your Relationship Manager making it possible for you to build a personal portfolio without exceeding the agreed risk tolerance.

What do you get?

  • A potentially higher return than that on just your own deposit
  • Balanced diversification matching your risk tolerance
  • Frequent sparring with your Relationship Manager and regular investment updates and recommendations

* As each of our clients has a unique investment profile, the amount is only indicative. The final investment amount will be agreed upon in cooperation with your Relationship Manager.