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Get your own investment plan

Do you feel comfortable about investing? Or are you reluctant because there are so many possibilities - and you don't know where and how to begin?

An investment plan is the right point of departure for investors who wish to base their investments on a carefully prepared plan.

What do you get?

An investment plan will give you:

  • An investment profile taking your risk tolerance into account
  • An investment strategy matching your investment profile and your current situation
  • An overview of your investments and possibilities
  • Ongoing follow-up on your plan

What is the risk?

There is no risk associated with the actual investment plan. However, investment in securities always involves a risk, and you may therefore lose money. Risk can be managed by not placing all your eggs in one basket. The most important thing is that - at a meeting with us - you have your investment horizon and your view of risk clarified. 

Would you like to learn more?

Your Relationship Manager will continuously be able to inform you about and discuss your investment with you and follow your investment profile.